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Feed Our Heroes

Our Mission

We’re supporting our police and fire departments by sending them 2 pizza pies. We’re starting this effort with a $1,000 and hope you’ll join us by buying 2 pizzas for your police or fire departments, or both!

It’s the least we can do to support them at this time when they’re helping our communities fight an invisible and insidious enemy. Come on, donate and buy pizza for your hometown heroes and in the process help a local independent pizzeria.

Man delivery pizza to customer

Why only pizza?

We would love to help every business, but our staff is limited and it’s easy for us to pick up the phone and buy 2 pizzas…the price is generally predictable, so it’s easy.

How Can you help?

Donate $30 to our GoFundMe campaign and send 2 pizzas to your local police or fire department. If the cost of the pizza is less than $30 in your area, we will use the money to support other communities…we hope that is okay with you.

One sure-fire way for you to help is for you to stay home and wash your hands…

Friends eating pizza together at home

How It Works

  • Sign up with your name & email (you’ll need to verify your email)

  • Tell us what Police or fire department you’d like us to send the pizza

  • Tell what pizzeria you’d like to use. NOTE: If the pizzeria is closed or doesn’t deliver we will chose a pizzeria.

  • We will call in the order!

  • The first $1,000 which is donated by Verasoni Worldwide will be allocated to New Jersey police and fire departments

  • You can donate $30 to our efforts on our Idigogo Campaign if you’re in another state and we will follow the same procedures here!

  • Everyone who participate gets their name and the department they donated to on our website!

  • Please consider supporting a not for profit in your community. They need today more than ever!

  • Thanks so much for being an important part of this initiative!